When an addict achieves sobriety, it means that he or she is free from the problem of addiction. The entire process of addiction is more complex than people are aware of.

It is a brain disease that puts one in the bondage of satisfying the pleasure center of the brain responsible for the production of dopamine also known as the pleasure hormone.

There are two common problems when it comes to addiction. The first one is, not everyone knows if they are addicted and the second is, not everyone wants to opt for addiction treatment.

People in the first category are not informed, if they are informed they would know more about the addiction problem. For people in the second category, they would not want to go for addiction treatment because of the stigma attached to it.

The truth about all these is, there is no real stigma behind going for addiction treatment. Anyone who opts for treatment has taken a bold step to take care of their health and it should be applauded.

Also, this is a call to the health sector, media and other important sectors of a nation to enlighten people on the concept of addiction. A good number of people do not know what it involves and some of them become addicted unknowingly.

If you know someone who is addicted, the first line of action is not to condemn them. The act of condemning is what makes addict stigmatized. What should be done in this case is to encourage them to opt for addiction treatment.

If he or she accepts and decides to go for addiction treatment, it is best not to leave them alone. Rather, all you need do is check up on them on a regular basis, making sure that they are pulling through with the entire process of addiction recovery.

An addict who receives help during the period of addiction recovery will fare better faster, and this is what these individuals need.

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